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Our data center features:

Dell and Toshiba Servers connected to multiple backbone providers. 
An controlled (temperature, humidity, static and airborne particles) environment designed for maximum server reliability .
Advanced fire suppression systems.
Diesel powered generators capable of independently sustaining server operations for more than a week, surge suppression and UPS systems for individual servers.

Network Specifications:

Our network technology connects to multiple routers and backbone fail safe. Bandwidth capacity kept at twice the peak usage rate.


We are currently connected to Qwest, AT&T, and Verizon. We maintain at least twice the capacity of our peak usage and frequently add more bandwidth and additional lines to keep up with the increases in usage. While this requires constant monitoring of traffic, it reduces costs to our customers while maintaining a robust, redundant network that can handle large bursts of traffic without incurring latency.


What does all this mean for your business? Our state-of-the-art network guarantees faster and more reliable service. And our commitment to adopting the best technologies available means that we'll continue to provide unbeatable speed and reliability.



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