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How to: Set up Outlook Express to use multiple
e-mail addresses (manual setup).



In Outlook Express, select the 'Tools' menu and select 'Accounts...'. Click 'Add', select 'Mail...', follow the Internet Connection Wizard's instructions.
1) If necessary, open Outlook Express. (The 'Outlook Express' window appears.)
2) Select the 'Tools' menu and select 'Accounts...'. (The 'Internet Accounts' dialog box appears.)
3) Click 'Add' and select 'Mail...'. (The Internet Connection Wizard opens and the 'Your Name' screen appears.)
: If Outlook Express displays a dialog box prompting you to set it as the default e-mail client, click 'Yes' to make it the default.
4) In the 'Display name' box, type your name and click 'Next'. (The 'Internet E-mail Address' screen appears.)
The 'Your Name' screen
5) Type your e-mail address in the 'E-mail address' box and click 'Next'. (The 'E-mail Server Names' screen appears.)
The 'Internet E-mail Address' screen
6) To select the type of mail server you use, Your mail server is a POP3 server, select 'POP3' from the 'My incoming mail server is
7) Type the name of the incoming mail server in the 'Incoming mail (POP3) server' box. Example  mail.yourdomainname.com
8) Type the name of the outgoing mail server in the 'Outgoing mail (SMTP) server' box. Example  mail.yourdomainname.com
The 'E-mail Server Names' screen
9) Click 'Next'. (The 'Internet Mail Logon' screen appears.)
10) Enter your user name and password. Your user name was assign to you when you open an account with DotMe.
11) Click 'Next'. 
12) Click 'Finish'
13) You should be at the Internet Accounts window still. Double click on your new account you just added.
14) The properties window opens. Click on the 'Servers tab'
15) Down at the bottom 'Outgoing Mail Server'
16) Click 'My server requires authentication check box'.
17) Click 'Apply'.
Click 'Ok'
19) To add more accounts follow steps 3-18.

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